Show your Events

Add Events & Sell Tickets

With My Local Offers, you can submit & show all your upcoming events, and you can also sell your tickets directly on our website.

(This feature is available with the Platinum package)


How can I use this feature?

1. Add your event

  • In your business page, use “Add an Event” button, then you will be re-directed to the event’s form.
  • Add all the required fields, like: event name, date, time, description, category .. etc.
  • Activate “Sell tickets for this event” option so you can sell tickets directly on our website. 

2. Sell Tickets

  • Customers now can view your event, and they can buy tickets with just few & easy steps.

3. Redeem tickets using QR code

After purchasing tickets, the customer will receive an email with a unique QR code, which can be redeemed at the event’s location.